The easy way to accelerate your golfing journey.

Upload your swing recording.

Receive your pro's feedback video.

Accelerate your progress.

CoachModo was created by golfers for golfers.

It's incredibly easy to play a lot of golf but only improve a little bit or not at all.

The right advice can transform your golf. Sometimes just one small swing flaw can undermine everything you are doing right.

CoachModo connects you with PGA professionals who can identify the changes you need to most improve your golf.

We've streamlined the coaching process to make it incredibly easy and affordable, making regular lessons possible even with your busy schedule.


All our lessons come with a hassle-free money-back guarantee

Guaranteed refund if you are not 100% satisified up to 30 days after you receive your feedback video, unless you have already started another lesson (by uploading a new video).

Single lesson


Best for getting started

  • Receive an upload link by email
  • Upload 1 to 4 videos (Up to 2 front-on swings and 2 down the line)
  • Upload whenever you want
  • Receive 1 feedback video with voice over and annotations
  • Receive 1 personalised drill suggestion
  • Feedback within 48 hours of upload

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5 lesson pack


Best value

  • 5 x single lessons
  • Cheapest per lesson
  • Use whenever you want
  • Get regular feedback
  • Keep progressing your game

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who are we?

Hi, we're Sam and Nick and we founded CoachModo.

We're two distinctly average golfers who nevertheless can't get enough of playing golf and that feeling you get when you strike the ball well.

We realised we were spending a lot of time playing but our scores weren't coming down much at all.

However, with the right bit of advice our game would suddenly improve in leaps and bounds.

We couldn't find any coaching that met our needs - we would never arrange the lessons we always promised ourselves and so as product and software developers we took the leap to create the service we wanted and we think you will love too.

Don't worry, none of the lessons are coached by us!

How are our lessons so affordable?

You've probably seen online golf lessons advertised for $80 or more.

An experienced coach can watch a golf swing and immediately see the biggest issues with it. Our software gives coaches a streamlined way to quickly give video lessons during their off-peak hours. This allows high quality coaches to make the same in-person hourly rate doing CoachModo lessons from the comfort of their own home.

Who are our coaches?

All our coaches are PGA professionals like Matthew.

Matthew Moseley

PGA professional

Matthew is a PGA professional based in South West Wales. Matthew played full time professional golf for a number of years before taking a step back in 2018 to begin coaching.

Matthew still competes regularly in the South West PGA region whilst maintaining his portfolio of clients. Matthew’s clients range from high level county players to beginner golfers.

Coach Matt

What does an example lesson look like?

"The advice CoachModo gave me has really made my range sessions much more purposeful. I like knowing that I'm working on the things that are going to make the most difference to my game."

- Sam -

What are our golfers saying?

We've been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we've had from our golfers so far. Here's a selection of some of the comments we've had so far:

"Simple and easy to use, CoachModo worked well into my busy schedule" - Jake

"Very easy to use and quick to get a response back. Great value for money with good drills to follow up the tuition" - Philip

"CoachModo got me working on more of a tilt in my hip turn. Last night I spent 2 hours at the range and the results were amazing" - Gary

Can I gift a CoachModo golf lesson?

Yes, absolutely!

Check out our gift voucher page for more details.

Can I use a practice swing for my lesson?

Yes, absolutely!

We've performed multiple lessons where a practice swing would have given our coach plenty of information to work with.

The great thing about a practice swing is you can get feedback right now - there's no need to wait for your next golf session. Record your swing at home or in the garden and if possible we would recommend you swing a real club.

That said, this won't be for everyone. If you are early on your golfing journey then this absolutely could be a great option. However, if you already have a well developed swing or your particular issues are with ball striking then wait until you can record yourself hitting a ball.

How does it work?

Golf swing

1. Record your golf swing

All you need is a smart phone.

Record 2 swings with the camera directly facing you and 2 swings with the camera directly behind you.

Once you've bought your lesson we will send you advice to help with this.

2. Upload your video

Use the link we sent you to upload your video(s) at your convenience.

We will also ask if you having any particular issues with your golf or specific areas where you are looking to improve.

Golf swing
Golf swing

3. Receive your personalised lesson

Our coaches will watch your footage and pinpoint what you are doing well and areas for improvement. We will identify pointers and drills that we think we will be particularly helpful for you.

We will then add annotations and a detailed voiceover to your video to create your personalised lesson. You will receive this within 48 hours of uploading your video.