CoachModo Gift Voucher

Give your loved one a gift they will really love...
A CoachModo Lesson

As golfers ourselves we know we are hard to buy for (sorry about that!).

We're very aware that everything in golf is rather expensive and buying products is fraught with danger - "it's great it's just not the the exact one I had my eye on".

Then there's the fun gifts which are also great but we've already got the mug that says "it's tee time".

Thankfully with a CoachModo lesson voucher you can't go wrong. There's no golfer in the world who wouldn't want to bring their handicap down. CoachModo lessons are online and incredibly easy so they're easy for your loved one to fit in at their convenience.

CoachModo gift

Want to find out more about CoachModo lessons?

Check out our homepage for more details.

How does it work?

  1. Click buy now and purchase your voucher.
  2. We will send you a voucher (like the one above) in pdf form to your email.
  3. You can either email or print and give your voucher to your recipient.
  4. They go to and enter their code to get their gifted lesson. Each gift voucher lasts for one year from purchase.